And so say all of us

This is my favourite sentence from this article about Red Hat:

[Jim Whitehurst’s] goal is the death (more or less) of proprietary software

Who could disagree with that? Business Insider’s article covers Red Hat’s tremendous success, not least in terms of its turnover. There’s been a hairy myth that open source is all about free software and penury, hair shirt-ware if you like, but this isn’t true and does nothing for its image. Jim Whitehurst has no qualms about increasing turnover from $1bn a year to $5bn, and has this to say:

The next step is to make open source the default choice in this next generation of computing…He says his dream of a fully open-source enterprise world is not as crazy as it sounds. It’s already happening for Web startups. Plus, “the Amazons and Googles and Facebooks and Twitters are all running open source” he adds.

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