Android and WordPress recruiting – is it you?

WordPress logoWordPress Recruiting

We’re looking for a WordPress specialist – is that you? We’re looking for someone to work on internal projects (you may have noticed our website got left behind in the noughties but hey, we’re tecchies, not designers) but most excitingly to help us bring to fruition projects we’ve got in the pipeline. We’re going to run out of tea and biscuits if we have too many new people so if you can combine your extensive WordPress coding skills with a good know-how of how different online technologies hang together, we’ll be really happy.

Android logoAndroid Recruiting

Those projects we mentioned? Each of them’s going to need an app. Our new site (that the new person above is going to build) will need an app too. Can you develop Android apps? Got a few to show us? Excellent. Please get in touch and show us what you’re made of.

A few words about OpenSure: we do open source, it’s our thang. We specialise in managed hosting, especially WordPress and Zimbra, and we’re completely on top of that. We’re always having bright ideas, and that’s where we need the help – turning our stream of genius notions into things that help our clients, and help us do even better what we already do very well.

We love working with individuals and don’t/won’t expect you to work exclusively for us – we’re all grown-ups here. We’re imaginative, flexible and open-minded, focussing on results and what you can bring us, rather than whether you’re there from 9-5. If you want smoked glass offices and biros with the corporate logo then we’re not for you, but if you’re looking for that break, looking for projects with with huge potential or even looking for open source heroes, then get in touch at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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