Cathay Trade

OpenSure has recently started working with Cathay Trade, advising on and supporting the technology and online services that underpin its work. Cathay Trade, headed by Rebecca Finney, herself Chinese, consults on trading with China across a range of industries.

With this going on, I was very interested to read a Telegraph article about David Cameron’s recent trip to China, noticing particularly the sentence “Britain’s exports to China are currently very weak and this is partly because China protects its markets with a tangle of petty rules and regulations that make it hard for British companies to invest and compete in China.” This is precisely the sort of thing that Cathay Trade can help British companies deal with.

It is by no means just the giants of British industry, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Diageo and Tesco, looking to play a greater part in Chinese business; no, as the article explains, numerous smaller companies are supplying goods contributing to the burgeoning urbanisation of the Chinese and the country’s economic boom. This Telegraph article states that although “Britain is the second largest recipient of Chinese investment in the EU, [it] hopes to win vital export orders”, which presents Cathay Trade with plenty of opportunity. We look forward to helping it base its growth on stable technological foundations.

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