Green for Efficiency

I was reading this article on the waxing and waning fortunes of the ecological agenda (no, don’t click away, there is something in this for you!) and was struck by this remark:

numerous polls and research reports demonstrate that green businesses outperform their peers

Efficiency, in a word. Efficient business practices will streamline your business and save you money (though there may be an element of swings and roundabouts involved, but better that money is spent to advantage than wasted), reason enough to embrace them even if you are not pink and fluffy about the environment. The article goes on to say:

there is a more sustainable alternative to business as usual

And this is the real point. Those companies among us who are trying to fly the green flag and do our bit, however piecemeal or haltingly, have to demonstrate that to survive the long term, green is the only way forward.

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