Green Office Week 2012 – Waste Wednesday

Today’s Green Office Week 2012 theme is waste (hashtag #gow2012). The site offers the standard advice on ‘ARRRD – avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle, dispose – all of which is good advice, but there are Herefordshire businesses going beyond this in impressive style.

Aside from ourselves encouraging re-use of old computer kit by installing a fast, light open source operating system, businesses such as Cartridge World and Hereford Pedicabs are offering excellent services.

Cartridge World has outlets in Hereford and Leominster, offering consumers refilled printer cartridges together with service and support. Cartridge World tells it better than I do, so go visit the sites, but essentially consumers can save money and environmental resources by getting printer cartridges refilled rather than replaced. We’re sure, though, that Cartridge World would be the first to suggest you print out as little as possible…

Trailblazing Hereford business Hereford Pedicabs offers a trade waste recycling programme alongside its bicycle courier business. How ’bout this:

We are cheaper than the cost to send to landfill with the Council and we return the yearly Co2 savings to the customers so they can tell their customers. We service about 400 businesses and collect all the waste with emission free vehicles. We average a saving of about 1000 tonnes of Co2 per year collectively from all our customers.

Are you a Hereford business offering waste-reduction in some way, shape or form? If so please leave us a comment.

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