Ironing, or IT?

I’ve been listening with great interest to Merrie Marketing’s audio on attracting more customers. Kim O’Rourke talks a great deal of sense, and I was particularly struck by point 3: identify your weak areas, and get someone else to do them.

Now it might be writing press releases, ironing or IT, but whatever form it takes, Kim makes the point that spending the time learning the skills might not be the best use of what is, sadly, a finite number of  hours in the day. Now I have enough trouble keeping on top of my own ironing, and I’m no expert when it comes to press releases, but IT we can help with.

Specifically, OpenSure can look after your email and all things web-related, generally holding your hand and making sure everything works smoothly. If IT’s your thing then fantastic, you can tinker with things to your heart’s content (as long as you’ve got the day job covered) but if IT is the work of the devil or holds you up or even loses your data, then have a chat to us. If you’re a dab hand with the iron we might even come to some arrangement.

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