Newsletter 21st March 2011

Bugle, Inquirer or Globe? The OpenSure Web? We thought we’d ring some changes on the back of an article we read (but now can’t find, whoops) which informed us that calling a newsletter a newsletter was so last year. Welcome to the OpenSure Courier. There, much more exciting.

The Start-Up Clinic
Our first Start-Up Clinic was last Thursday. A huge thank-you to all the companies and organisations who gave their time (and, it must be said, went away with Oliver’s Cider and Bailey’s Jackson Bars) and have asked to take part in the next one. As a networking event it was a roaring success, but public turn-out was poorer than we’d hoped. Still, undaunted, we’re looking to run the next one in Hereford or Ludlow, and expand it to be a Small Business Clinic. Please tell us what YOU would like to see at the next Clinic, and which location would be best for you.

New Financial Year, New Budget
The new financial year is just round the corner. Are you planning any changes to your IT spend? Do you know what your IT spend amounts to, what it breaks down into and which bits are good value? Would you know how to make savings without compromising security or performance? There’s a great deal written about this sort of thing all the time (IT Donut is a good source), but if you’re looking for personal service then please take advantage of our FREE IT spend review and start the 2011/12 financial year confident that your IT spend is working in your best interests and gives priority to the elements most important to your business.

IT for Business Workshops
The next workshop is three weeks away, on Thursday April 14th, 9.30-12.30. We’re having a nearly-last minute change of venue and are expecting to hold the workshop nearer to Hereford than Leominster. Online sign-up is suspended while we move to a new website (should go live this week but one can’t rush these things…), but if you’d like to sign up please email

Other bits and pieces that have caught our eye recently include:

* QR Codes – have you ever heard of them? You’ve probably seen them. This Marketing Donut article explains how to use them for mobile marketing
* An open source alternative to Skype, GNU Free Call has been announced. The article is a shining example of geek speak, but it boils down to GFC being more secure and less controlling, perfect open source credentials
* Stop tearing your hair out over SEO. This Investor article explains why SEO can be irrelevant to start-up websites, and this Econsultancy article explains why good content will always win out
*  And some good news: this Business Matters article tells us that small business optimism is high, despite the financial climate

And finally:

We liked this, and quite frankly we had been wondering. Mine’s a Krispy Kreme.

And this makes interesting reading  – how geeks are helping with the disaster response in Japan

We hope you’re happy with the frequency of the newsletters. Please let us know what you think of the whole thing.

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