Megan Baker House – OpenSure’s new Charity of the Year

OpenSure is delighted to announce that our 2013 charity is:

Megan Baker House logo

Megan Baker House

Megan Baker House secured 56% of the poll, so OpenSure will be making corporate donations, providing publicity and giving any IT help and advice that might be needed.

OpenSure was guided entirely by the poll results, but it was clear from the off that Megan Baker House inspires tremendous passion in the families it helps and was always going to be a strong conbtender. It was heart-warming to read all the comments in support of MBH.

We would gladly have supported any of the organisations in our poll, but it’s lovely to be able to promote a local charity. We very much look forward to visiting MBH soon and seeing for ourselves the work to which our corporate donations will make a modest contribution.

In its own words:

Megan Baker House is a charity providing FREE Conductive Education Services at its centre in Herefordshire for children, teenagers and adults with special educational needs and physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, head injury, stroke, dyspraxia and early on-set Parkinson’s disease.

In addition we also provide Conductive Education reach-out services at various venues.

There are a number of ways for the public to support the work of this vital charity. MBH can recycle mobile phones, ink cartridges and foreign coins, as well as clothes and toys. It runs numerous events (see details here), runs a raffle and sells various items such as beautiful ruffle scarves and even free range eggs. MBH is entirely reliant on grants and donations so please do what you can to support it.

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