A-Z of computing: P is for Polly

Polly - Linux Twitter client designed for multiple columns of multiple accounts

Polly – Linux Twitter client designed for multiple columns of multiple accounts

Polly is an open source Twitter client. It’s highly customisable, supports multiple accounts and delivers desktop notifications.

Polly is in pre-alpha which means it’s not yet quite ready for full release, but don’t let that put you off. As Justin Pot said earlier this year in a makeuseof.com article,

If you haven’t found the Linux Twitter client that’s right for you, try Polly. It might be what you’re looking for.

Polly pros and cons

We’ve been using Polly for months now, running and managing numerous accounts (we ghost-tweet for various companies and organisations). Justin’s article mentions a couple of cons, mainly features that are planned to be incorporated but haven’t yet had their moment, and it’s true to say that I do have to go to a Twitter page to do things such as sending a DM to someone I haven’t been in DM touch with recently, if at all, and to search for a user. This last one in particular can be a pain, but we forgive Polly as it is still in pre-alpha after all. It’s such a good client with so much scope that we’ve never been tempted to move away from it.

Polly screenshots

Justin’s article includes several screenshots of both the columns and the dialogue boxes. The various preferences are easy to configure, and the Add new account feature works more smoothly than that of any other program we’ve ever used. We’ve had occasional problems with hanging, but have been in direct touch with the developer to get things sorted out. Viva open source.

We highly recommend it. Good things come to he or she who waits and a full Polly release will be the truth of this. Polly for Android would have us dancing a little jig.

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