Security and SMEs: the weak link in the chain?

Security and hacking attacks on SMEs

Are you insecure? Not in a cowering-in-the-corner way, rather wide open to hacking attacks, either to get at your data, or to use you to get to the companies you supply. A report today tells us that small businesses are so easy to hack, they’re the weak link in the supply chain and provide access to much bigger companies. With ever more fractured supply chains, this sort of security vulnerability needs to be removed.

Security vulnerabilities

Why does this vulnerability exist? Why do hackers bother? Same question really. A security vulnerability starts to exist only when somebody with nefarious intent wishes to exploit a feature of an online set-up. At this point it’s worth mentioning that a well-run and properly-maintained cloud server is a hell of a lot more secure than your server tucked under Marjorie’s desk in the office, unless Marjorie is also a fiendish online security brain who has ensured the server is secured to the highest standard.

Essentially, evil hackers exploit weaknesses to gain access to data, which they use to make money (there are also good hackers, but another day). Windows servers are the most easily hacked of all as they are inherently less secure, and the vulnerabilities and hacks are well known and long-exploited. It’s the low-hanging fruit. A Linux server has more security built in to its infrastructure and approach, and because of this hackers tend not to make their lives difficult by trying to break into them. It’s the old deterrent method at work.

Securing your security

The BBC article (Viewpoint: Small firms prove to be weak link to hackers) is worth reading. If you recognise your company and know there are security issues to be addressed, please get in touch and we can run a security audit on your systems to identify weaknesses and where to tighten up. You have to bear in mind your responsibilities to the people whose data you hold, and the consequences of any breach of that responsibility. And on the upside, if you can prove to a potential customer that you take security seriously to the point of being checked out, and can prove that you’ve covered every area of concern, you’ll be a more attractive supplier. And sleep better at night…

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