Take VAT

Are you VAT registered? If you answered no go straight to the next blog post; if yes, read on.

From 1st April 2012 VAT registered business will be required to submit their VAT returns online and make VAT payments electronically. There’s plenty of help and advice about this on the internet, but as well as understanding what you’re doing, you need to be sure that your records are secure and backed up and that your systems are up to the job.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading equipment, purchasing additional hardware or otherwise making changes to your IT set-up, do it sooner rather than later. We can advise on the security and performance of your systems and implement any changes that would improve performance. Don’t forget that as we use open source software and always try to maximise existing kit before buying new, tuning up your systems won’t cost the earth. And you can always reclaim the VAT.

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