The OpenSure Free Press 18th April 2011

Here we are again. We considered changing the Free Press to every three weeks or even once a month, but there’s so much happening that we’re struggling to hold out for once a fortnight, never mind once a month. We hope that confirmed geek or gloriously untecchy, there’s something for you in the Free Press.

Concern Universal
We’re delighted to announce that OpenSure has adopted Hereford-based Concern Universal as its charity for the new financial year. As well as giving Concern Universal a bit of publicity whenever we can and making a donation of our own, we will ask those for whom we do odds and ends of work outwith our usual charging structure to make a donation in lieu of payment to us. We hope you’ll join us in supporting CU’s excellent work in the developing world, especially as we come up to a time of outright gluttony and celebration. We’d like to encourage every reader of the OpenSure Free Press to donate the price of an Easter egg to Concern Universal by donating online.

The three year replacement cycle
Did you know that companies are advised (by whom?) to replace their computers every three years? This article from suggests that many SMEs aren’t doing this, with potentially disastrous consequences. But isn’t this whole approach outdated? With so many web-based applications in use and web-based storage (aka cloud computing) to take the strain, is a three year replacement cycle an outmoded concept? You might wish to upgrade after three years for a new toy or to keep up with developments, but in terms of your computer still functioning as it should, then three years shouldn’t be a big problem if your company is taking advantage of everything the web has to offer and your hosting company is the one with the hardware headaches. For more information on cloud computing search our blog (just click on the word ‘cloud’ in the tag cloud) or for information on how your company could benefit, get in touch directly.

Drupal, WordPress or Joomla?
Drupal, WordPress and Joomla are three of the most popular web-based open source website creation programs. So far so comparable, but they have different strengths and features and vastly differing levels of complexity. This article from Resource Nation is a brief run-down of the three programs, their popularity and application.

Are you reading this at home?
With all the bank holidays coming up plus the children being off for Easter, chances are you’ll be keeping an eye on things from home over the next couple of weeks. Or is that the norm for you anyway? This article from Mashable suggests it’s becoming more and more common, and we’ve even heard the estimable suggestion that it could be offered instead of a pay rise. What do you think? Are your company systems set up for working wherever you like? We’re happy to advise on this and all other aspects of remote working.

Other bits and pieces that have caught our eye recently include:

* Mushrooms with that sir? Good old Dell pilots mushroom-based packaging
* If you’re more of a FaceBook fiend that a Twitter tweeter, have a look at our overhauled FaceBook page
* China bans time travel – Dr Who’s days are numbered
* Indispensable darling – Debrett’s guide to Tweeting
* And lastly, in honour of the royal wedding, we bring you this…

We’d like to wish all our readers a Happy Easter and hope you have an enjoyable couple of short working weeks.

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