The OpenSure Free Press 3rd May 2011

Today’s Free Press comes to you from Shropshire Jelly, the co-working event held on the first Tuesday of the month at Ludlow Food Centre. We’re spending the day there as we get back in the saddle after the long weekend, and with Easter Weekend prior to that, we’re feeling refreshed and raring to go.

Green Web Hosting
This is the trend du jour but quite right too: server farms, data centres, whatever you like to call them, have the scope both to consume and save vast quantities of energy. We recently transferred our servers to a data centre powered by energy from 100% renewable sources. Our web hosting now has a zero carbon footprint, and we’re proud of that.

By George, I think he’s got it!
This article by Jim Brikman for explains why projects benefit from both sharing their source code and using open source code. This paragraph sums it up:

I realized that open source isn’t about doing the world a favor, sharing, or acting charitable. It’s not about freedom, choice, human rights, standardization, or any of that. Sure, all of these play a role, but none of them are enough to explain how the open source movement got to where it is today. What I think really drives open source are three major benefits to the project creator: free labor, cleaner code and portfolios.

10 ways Linux is a part of your life
This very interesting article by Katherine Noyes for ComputerWorldUK (don’t be put off) lists10 everyday things that are powered by Linux. Articles like this demonstrate that Linux/open source is not a weirdo minority geek thing; rather, it is the foundation on which systems such as cashpoints, set-top boxes and Government are run. Read the article and surprise yourself.

Other bits and pieces that have caught our eye recently include:

* The Smarta guide to VoIP – would your business benefit from running the phones over broadband?
* Does your company have computer kit to get rid of? Why not donate it to Computer Aid?
* What’s killing your Wi-Fi? House is wrapped in tin-foil?
* The bacon fat keyboard – ideal for Tweeting

And finally..

Via @iBenR @johnedden I’ve formed a band. We are called 999 Megabytes – We havent done a gig yet.

On that note, we hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly late issue of the Free Press.

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