Thought for the Day

It’s okay, we’re not branching out into philosophy or – perish the thought – motivational quotes (@DannyCrowther it’s safe to look now…), but my interest was caught this morning by a few words of the Today programme’s Thought for the Day slot.

In essence, the speaker was talking about being true to yourself, in the context of The Apprentice, which I freely confess to not watching as I can’t bear that sort of staged television. Which says it all really. Being true to yourself – your ethics, your values, your morals, however you like to phrase it – is absolutely essential to how we do business.

This is viewed as naive and a hiding-to-nothing in some business quarters but that’s too bad. You can be quite sure that as well as top-quality green and ethical business hosting, excellent personal service and good value, you will also get absolute integrity from us and a business ethic that runs through us like Herefordshire through a stick of rock. Anything else would feel bogus to us, and we leave that sort of thing to reality TV and companies with no ethics, of which it seems there is no shortage at the moment.

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