Toe in the networking water

We want to get out to meet local businesses, as we live and work in an area rich in SMEs, so yesterday we broke our networking duck and went to a 4Networking business breakfast in Hereford. Well, *I* went to it – we couldn’t both be spared from the grindstone.

I wasn’t sure what to expect – would it be horribly formal, badly-attended and/or a waste of time, or something we would soon find we couldn’t live without? The reality was, as so often, somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately it wasn’t well-attended as the Easter holidays had wrought havoc, but the people who were there were friendly, go-ahead and gentle on the newcomers, and I can see how OpenSure can both benefit itself and help other 4Ners. As well as events, 4N has a busy forum, which I can see becoming a frequent stop on the web.

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