Vodafone Open Sure

Working with Vodafone sounds great and we really wish it was us, but the Vodafone Open Sure community-led mobile network is, sadly, nothing to do with us. Most of our hosted services can be used over a mobile connection, but we’re not suppliers of that connection.

We’re delighted for Ewyas Harold, which has been chosen as one of 12 places in the UK to trial the new system. Speaking in an article in the Hereford Times, Councillor Graham Powell said,

the impact of poor connectivity on rural communities has been increasing as technology develops

And this is a very real consideration. Being unable to make a phone call or use GPS is a continual and deeply annoying bugbear in the Herefordshire countryside. Combine that with the lack of broadband in many areas, and the impact on the economy is potentially very serious. So good luck Ewyas harold, and we look forward to hearing how it goes.

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