Why we’re not Google

Several times we’ve been asked why people would pay to use our services when Google offers free email and document storage and low-cost additional services. “Why we’re not Google” could run to several pages, but this article on the BBC Technology website today about Google’s (mis)handling of German data presents us with a great opportunity to mention data security.

You know what data security is – you want your data to be completely protected from anyone who might fancy a snoop, but easily as important and really more so, is the fact that the data is YOURS and remains yours, and you can get hold of it whenever and wherever you need to. In the nicest possible way, we have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the content of your data; our interest is in providing you with the best document storage and sharing service for your business, something that we often recommend is best done via Zimbra. We’re not interested in collating aggregate or any other information about the type of data our customers store and share. Just one of the many reasons why we’re not Google.

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