A-Z of computing: L is for Linux

Linux: it had to be. We’ll spare you the technical background. What you need to know is that it’s a leading operating system: more than 90% of the 500 fastest supercomputers use one flavour or another of Linux, including the 10 fastest. It’s in fondleslabs, TVs and games consoles and is the basis of the Android system.

Mainstream, even mandatory

Linux is becoming mainstream and even establishment. Local and national governments have embraced it, to the point of its uptake being mandatory in Kerala’s schools. However, as Jeff Hoogland says on his blog, “Linux is still a largely unknown thing to many people” despite the fact that

Almost every adult who uses technology in today’s world uses or has used something that is Linux powered.

The article, which is well worth a read, goes on to talk about various companies that use Linux including Gap, Disney, Dreamworks, PlayStation, T-Mobile, Google, Amazon and on and on and on…

Linux: Open Source icon

Apart from its technical pedigree, Linux is, to quote Wikipedia, “one of the most prominent examples of free and open source software collaboration”. It’s certainly been the poster boy for open source and for good reason.


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