A-Z of computing: M is for Monopoly

Alan Turing Monopoly, to be precise. Board game maker Winning Moves has produced an Alan Turing edition of the long-standing family favourite. Alan Turing had a theory about Monopoly, believing there was a code-based way to win. He tried out his theory on a Cambridge-focussed hand-drawn version of the board created by the sons of brilliant mathematician and friend of Turing Max Newman, but lost – isn’t theory a wonderful thing?

It’s rather lovely that William Newman, who drew that original, has collaborated with the Bletchley Park Trust to produce the new edition (which includes a copy of that childish original). As well as locations significant to Turing, the utilities have been replaced with the Enigma Machine and the Enigma code-deciphering Bombe. In a nod towards to current move to have Turing’s face put onto the £10 note, Turing’s face appears on the Monopoly £10 note.

Google has paid for production of the first 1000 sets, which go on sale in November via Bletchley Park (order HERE).

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