Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery: are you prepared?

Business Matters today posed the question “Are you prepared for a disaster?”, and provided the predictable response that many SMEs think it won’t happen to them. But it can, it does and it may well, and the fall-out is shocking. A high percentage of businesses that suffer catastrophe whether due to natural disaster, theft/vandalism or some other apocalyptic force never recover, and go out of business. However, according the the article, 41% of businesses questioned said disaster planning had never occurred to them (what, really??) and 40% said it wasn’t a priority.

Nuisance, not the end of your business

The worst aspect of this head-in-the-sand approach is that disaster planning isn’t difficult. Establishing and maintaining regular back-ups is child’s play, and in most instances it happens without anyone lifting a finger. Remote data storage is becoming a norm (this is one major benefit ‘the cloud’ has to offer), not only cost-effective but in many cases offering better-managed systems and therefore greater data security than a company can provide for itself in-house. Beyond this, it’s a case of collating information so that disaster recovery becomes a case of implementing a plan, a nuisance rather than an impossibility, a hassle rather than the end of your business.

We can help

It won’t surprise you to hear that we can help you put together a disaster recovery plan, and if lightning should strike, help you put it into practice. Whether you use us, someone else or do it all yourself, put together a plan. It could be you.

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