Newsletter 13th January 2011

Welcome to our first innovation of 2011: a newsletter.  We hope you enjoy the eclectic nature of it and sign up to receive the rest, which we anticipate coming out somewhere between once a fortnight and once a month.

IT for Business Workshops
First of all we’d like to draw your attention to our IT for Business workshops, starting Thursday 27th January 2011 at Broadfield Court, Bodenham, nr Leominster. More details here, but in a nutshell they are intended to help you get the very best from your IT set-up without being taken for a ride, bamboozled by jargon or spoken down to from a great height. We’d like to demystify the whole business for you and help you take control of your company’s IT.

Cloud Computing
We’re all hearing more and more about cloud computing. Definitions vary, but essentially its starting point is using an external company’s servers for data storage (ours, for instance); after that the sky’s the limit (pun absolutely intended). We piggy-backed on IT Donut’s article about it here.

Other bits and pieces that have caught our eye this week include:

  • The Engineer’s article about Ordnance Survey maps becoming open government data
  • a rather bizarre article (that we won’t waste your time linking to) about how to speed up an ageing laptop that managed not to suggest running Linux instead of Windows – always try this!
  • a very interesting BBC article, an interview with Andy Mulholland, chief technology officer at Capgemini, which examines how technology and people have affected each other and influenced, driven or kept up with change.
  • The Herefordshire Media Network event on 25th January

And finally
A tweet from Rory Cellan-Jones and an SEO joke:

ruskin147 Rory Cellan-Jones
I’ve been subjected to ageist banter in my office. When I complained, my colleague said “don’t worry you’ll have forgotten in ten minutes”

jorendorff Jason Orendorff
“So this SEO expert walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor”

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