Green Office Week 2012

Avery is sponsoring Green Office Week 2012, which runs all this week, 14th-18th May. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the eco-fairy could wave her magic wand and make every office an environmentally-aware green and lovely space? It ain’t gonna happen, but if a few little green balls get rolling, a small but significant difference can be made to people’s thinking, and in time that might translate into action.

The week has a different theme for every day of the week. Today’s theme is energy, so here is a link to our presentation from last year’s Energy Efficiency in IT workshop at The Courtyard. We have a variety of ways to reduce your IT-related energy consumption, and it reaches much further than putting your machine on stand-by at the end of the day. It might just make you think.

Tomorrow we’ll be blogging on Tuesday’s theme of transport. In the meantime you can follow @GreenOfficeWeek on Twitter.

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