This IT Donut post is one in the eye for the average IT department: “The trouble with geeks”. It looks at the “contempt” in which “IT people” hold users. We’ve all seen and heard it in action, whether as hideously embarrassed member of staff overhearing a colleague or a user feeling a complete twit because you don’t understand something someone else – far more experienced than you – thinks you should.

The author Lee Wrall makes a very good point towards the end of this brief article:

Business owners must find outsourced IT providers or IT managers that encourage the right attitude.

Don’t be afraid to outsource. Don’t be at the mercy of inflated egos in the IT department. Don’t allow your business to be held back by fear, or ignorance, or both. Talk to a friendly, open company that genuinely wants to understand your business and provide a top notch service. Okay, talk to us. There, I said it. Pick us! Pick us!

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