Newsletter 7th March 2011

This newsletter is going to write itself, there’s so much going on at the moment. Spring is dipping a chapped toe in some rather chilly water, but there’s sunlight at the end of the wintry tunnel, despite frosty mornings and fluffed-out hens. If you’re feeling motivated to tackle problems or start new ventures, then here are some things you might like to consider.

The Start-Up Clinic
Forgive us – if you were running an event that’s getting such a fantastic reception you’d give in to the temptation to go on about it too! There’s plenty written about it on the blog so I won’t repeat myself, but everyone we’ve asked to take part has said yes, and several more that we’ve asked for help with publicity have asked if they can come along too, so the event is growing like topsy. We’re strictly keeping it to business service providers though, the sort of companies anyone starting a business is likely to turn to for advice. If you’d like to come along please do – there’s no need to book and free tea, coffee and biscuits are provided. We have one space left for participants and quite frankly I’ve run out of ideas, so if you’d like to participate please email me at

How are you viewing this newsletter?
Is it through Chrome (or Chromium as we purists use), or Firefox, or even possibly IE? Or if you’re looking at it on a phone is it via Android, or iPhone? Internet Explorer’s share of the browser market is in free-fall, down now to 56%, more or less just half of the market. It’s a similar story with smartphones, all of which demonstrates that the monoculture built by Microsoft is being swiftly and comprehensively dismantled, which is extremely good news for everyone, MS user or not. Read more in the excellent Glyn Moody’s article Moving Beyond the Microsoft Monoculture. Glyn Moody is an excellent tech journalist and well worth following at

Other bits and pieces that have caught our eye recently include:

* Automotive Linux – the first Linux-based operating system for cars, currently in development. More news as we hear it.
*  Oven-ready PCs – open source computers that just work and arrive tailored to your specifications
* Government told to “ban the Microsoft ‘virus‘”, much more interesting than it sounds and has lessons for business too
* Back-ups, we will never stop going on about back-ups – read the IT Donut lowdown here

And finally:

The IE6 Countdown, chiming in with the article above  – watch IE6’s demise (MS has recommended you no longer use it anyway and upgrade to the still-vunerable IE8)

We’re now listed on UKITA – search under Leominster and up we pop. We have a special offer to UKITA members of 20% off our usual consultancy rates.

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