Ohhh yes you can!

We read this BBC article on virtual business with enormous interest. It can be boiled down to ‘have internet connection, will work’. It dismantles the usual concerns about the costs of setting up in the traditional way, making the point that “the internet and cloud computing is increasingly providing easily-shared lower-cost software options for start-up firms”.

The trend towards outsourcing (including using freelancers anywhere in the world), using online communications and running companies via online business services accessible from anywhere are revolutionising the way people start up. These online services are exactly what we offer, and the beauty of them is that if, as the article discusses, you grow big enough to warrant taking on staff and providing offices, then the services we provide can grow with you. If you’d like to find out more email info@opensure.net, and if you aren’t quite sure what we really do, then reading that article will shed some light on the subject – we provide exactly the online business services accessible from anywhere that businesses are increasingly coming to rely on.

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