Oatmeal is good for you

I’ve just read this brilliant article on The Oatmeal, all about the chasm of understanding between the brilliant web designer so full of elegant designs, and the rather different perspective of the site’s owner. Anyone involved with web design will at some point have been reduced to open-jawed silence by a customer’s ‘bright ideas’.

One of the many things to love about a Drupal website is that this doesn’t happen. If you’re a company owner and you want a website to look just so, you can have exactly what you’d like with no need to go near a web designer. Drupal gives you infinite  freedom to include the elements, or indeed elephants, you want in your website without having to convince a too-cool-for-school young web turk that they deserve to be there. Take control of your website through a simple web interface (so simple even *I* can use it, and everyone knows I don’t do anything fiddly) and waste no time or money.

We can provide you with the webspace, set you up with Drupal and give you advice on using it, all for £99 a month. HOW much did your website cost??

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