Press Go

We went to a networking event last night that was focusing on media. Naively we assumed this would be, or at least include, social media, but it wasn’t even mentioned. I spent the first five minutes thinking “this has nothing to do with us” – after all, we’re an edgy, Web 2.0 type company that doesn’t worry about newspapers. The speaker said “you’re probably sitting there thinking ‘this has nothing to do with me’ but you’re wrong” and he was right.

It looks like broadcast media and the press are areas we’ve neglected. I still struggle to see how radio would do us many favours, but I can see scope for a relationship with the press. So, this morning I’ve written a press release (currently sitting with the Tech Director for the equivalent of the red pen) and will be sending it to a few carefully targeted publications. I’m in clover as my heart is in writing, but communications has to be the net best thing.

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