Reasons to be Open Source 1, 2, 3…

There are loads of reasons, but let’s take three – possibly the top three, but it depends on your priorities. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach at OpenSure, just one of the many differences between us and other providers, esp those offering free web space. But I digress and risk getting up onto my soapbox.

  1. Using Open Source software means that license compliance is a thing of the past. Much proprietary software, esp email software like MS Exchange, requires a business to own not only a license, but a license for the correct number of people for the correct version, and keep it up to date. Then, when that software is made obsolete, the unsuspecting company finds itself all paid up (probably, or possibly, or very likely not and falling foul of license compliance because it’s just all far too complex and not their top priority) for software that’s no longer supported (so no help forthcoming any more), and which may well not work with other bits of software and worst of all, that needs replacing at great cost and hassle. Pfff – what’s not to love about Open Source?
  2. The best Open Source software (ie the stuff we use) works. Just like that. Open Source software is user-driven so glitches are acted on fast and user-suggested developments incorporated. These are delivered by tiny updates you won’t notice. Bingo, well-designed, flexible software that works for you.
  3. If your businesses switches to OpenSure for its email and web services you don’t need to find yourself wrangling with unfamiliar systems. We can provide you with excellent new programs if you want them, but there’s no need, you can carry on using your existing programs but running on Open Source wizardry behind the scenes. We’re thrilled that it’s Open Source as we could wax lyrical about the benefits til the Herefords come home, but we want you the customer to be conscious rather of the excellent service you receive from OpenSure and how smoothly your email and web services run. Careful though, you might want more!

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