Why we’re not Google, part 73

Whoops – Google wiped 150,000+ Gmail accounts of emails and contacts and then (apparently) didn’t handle the situation very well, leaving 150,000+ people rather narked and many of them still sans email or contacts. Read all about it here.

We’re quite proud that we’re not Google – for a start it means we don’t wipe our clients’ email and contacts. It also means that we don’t consider “less than .08% of our…user base” to be a bunch of people who can just stop whingeing and in fact are hardly worth even mentioning.

Fact is, you get what you pay for in IT – pay a few pounds a month for a well-maintained, robust  and personalised service backed with top quality support whether or not things go wrong and, well, that’s what you get. Pay nothing for a faceless email service that considers 150,000+ plus customers to be pretty unimportant and you get a bum deal. Still, good news for us as disgruntled customers of mass email providers go looking for something better.

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